Who are we?

The Cameroonian Youth Synergy (SJC) was founded in 2013 as an associative movement with the mission to bring together young Cameroonians between the ages of 15 – 35, who are concerned by development issues of their country. SJC members wish to make an ideological and effective contribution to the emergence of a new Cameroon, that will achieve prosperity, while remaining proud of its history and its cultural diversity.

Our mission

To involve young Cameroonians in the development of their country. To serve as a participatory platform for reflections, exchange of ideas and projects undertaken by young people.

  • Join forces through the united effort of students, entrepreneurs, political leaders, traditional rulers and any Cameroonian keen to make his contribution.
  • Foster reflection and encourage exchanges on topics related to issues affecting the youth.
  • Put in place practical mechanisms in order to apply solutions raised during the discussions.

The rationale for this is simple: provide solutions devised by youth to address specific issues they face in their social environment.

Is SJC: a political or non political organization?

SJC does not set a limit to the education of people and citizenship. However, SJC is non-political in the sense that, it does not participate in election campaigns, either for a political party, or a movement (its members keep their freedom of belonging). Similarly, SJC does not sollicit votes.

SJC as an synergy

We use the term “synergy” as the framework for the implementation of our action. Think & Act tank. Think & Act tank. We intend to establish partnerships between SJC and all associations, NGOs, national and international institutions to work together. We wish to join all civil society players to act for the common interest.

Our principles

Initiate a reflection conducted by youth, to act for the youth.

Our goal

Empower young Cameroonian, by passing on the skills deemed necessary for his personal and community development, open up avenues for wealth creation while ensuring that he adopts a new and honest way of thinking.

Our global approach

Our initiative is based on an innovative approach.

Upstream involvement: we integrate the information provided by young people from various regions; invite local and diaspora members to develop appropriate local solutions, with the ambition of raising Cameroon among the most prosperous nations in the world.

Youth empowerment is at the core of what we do: developing appropriate solutions. For instance, we give local women means to face their difficulties more efficiently, receive resources from governmental structures and international organizations and allocate them.to small business owners, social project managers,civil society actors.

Who are we?Support from local and qualified team members: Local members, volunteers and experts better understand on-the-ground realities. They involve throughout the planning and completion of the projects. We place resources at the service of project holders to deepen their knowledge of the fields that cover their activities.

Decentralization: SJC works hand on hand with its local representations. This allow us to be close to young citizens. The representations carry out SJC actions locally and the main office connects them with public authorities, civil society, business and the international community.

SJC invites the private sector to support the development of Cameroon by setting simple mechanisms involving youth in entrepreneurship.

A worldwide network

SJC is a network open to all Cameroonian at home and in the diaspora. It is currently present in 5 countries: Cameroon, France, Canada, England, and United States.

Member organizations are autonomous but they follow strategies according to specific targets. They provide intellectual and technical skills, human resources, financing, and management control. Moreover, SJC ensures that information is effectively reported to local representations as far as public relations, lobbying and communication related to projects on the ground are concerned.